Цветной гель для волос Manic Panic

ELECTRIC SKY™ (neon blue)

Артикул: GSM - HTG12174

Страна производитель: США

РазмерМосква (м.ВДНХ)
One_Size8 шт

980 р.
280 р.

DYEHARD® is a thick opaque temporary hair color styling "gel" available in an easy to use squeeze tube.

This hard holding formula may be used for styling as well as coloring. It is very easy to use:
Just place gel on fingertips or on a tinting comb and apply to hair.
Get creative and have fun with it! It washes out instantly so you can't go wrong.
DYE HARD® Gel dries hard and holds hair in place.
This product does it all — styles, holds, adds color all in one.

DYE HARD® Gel may be used for spiking, tipping, adding a streak dash or splash of color, coloring an entire head.

Best thing about the DYEHARD® Gel is that it shampoos right out of your hair with ease. This product is ideal for kids and adults alike who seek "color without commitment".
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