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"GRIMM'S FAIRYTALES BRASS" Locket pendant, book shaped necklace

Артикул: GSRE - "GRIMM'S FAIRYTALES BRASS" Locket pendant, book shaped

Страна производитель: Польша


1450 р.
Locket pendant in the shape of book.
Front decorated with many ornaments, decorative corners, crown and
“Grimm's fairytales” title.

Necklace has strong hinges.
It’s fastened with the buckle with a hidden magnets.
Inside of the book is engraved quote
"Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? ".
Next to the quote is oval frame to put the photo.

The book is quite thick, you can use it to store photos or other small treasures :)

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Jewelry made of pewter in antique brass colour.
It does not contain nickel.
Necklace project: Euflonica

High of the book: 4,5 cm
Width of the book: 3.5 cm
Chain length: 35-44 cm
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